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Project Based Learning

PBL (A strategy for the 21st Century)

Project-Based Learning (PBL) has been used as an instructional tool for educators over the years. Markham (2011) describes project-based learning (PBL) as: " PBL integrates knowing and doing. Students learn knowledge and elements of the core curriculum, but also apply what they know to solve authentic problems and produce results that matter. PBL students take advantage of digital tools to produce high quality, collaborative products. PBL refocuses education on the student, not the curriculum--a shift mandated by the global world, which rewards intangible assets such as drive, passion, creativity, empathy, and resiliency. These cannot be taught out of a textbook, but must be activated through experience."

This initiative at SCCS is based on the growing need for students to be involved and invested in real-life learning situations. Many of the projects will take into consideration real-time global and local issues. Students will be given a situation and be immersed in how to work on and solve the issue collectively between group members. The skills gathered by being involved in and possibly solving issues faced by our local community will enhance communication, collaboration, problem-solving skills, and focus among our students. In our 21st century society, PBL will enhance our students’ ability to be competitive in the workforce, college, or military.

This year all teachers will be exposed to and trained in specific PBL strategies. We will use the strategies of PBL to teach specific courses designed around PBL (courses in 7th grade math, sciences, and art and 8th grade courses in technology and science) as well as ancillary projects in other senior HS courses.

For more on PBL, please click the links below:
Markham, T. (2011). Project Based Learning. Teacher Librarian, 39(2), 38-42.

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