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Southern Cayuga CSD Board of Education Members

The Board of Education consists of seven members elected to serve three-year terms of office. All members serve without salary. Business meetings are generally held twice each month on Mondays beginning at 7:00 PM in the High School Library; actual dates are listed in the district calendar found at Community members are encouraged to attend meetings to keep informed about the District. The School Board has the legal responsibility for the operation of the District within the framework of the New York State laws. The Board establishes the policies under which the school district operates, and the Superintendent of Schools is responsible for administering the school program within the context of these policies.

President Mrs. Kelsey Rossbach Term Ends 2024
Vice President Mrs. Christine Brozon Term Ends 2023
Member Mr. Bruce Kopp Term Ends 2022
Member Mrs. Susan Gloss Term Ends 2022
Member Mr. Matthew Bennett Term Ends 2022
Member Mrs. Rachel McCarthy Term Ends 2023
Member Mr. Dave Harvatine Term Ends 2024

To contact the Board of Education via e-mail, send to


School Board Member Qualifications

What are the qualifications for membership on a school board?

To qualify for membership on a school board in a common, union free, central, central high school or small city school district, an individual

  • Must be able to read and write
  • Must be a qualified voter of the district; that is, a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years of age and not adjudged to be incompetent.  A convicted felon is barred from running for a seat on a school board if his or her maximum prison sentence has not expired or if he or she has not been pardoned or discharged from parole
  • Must be and have been a resident (but need not be a taxpayer) of the district for a continuous and uninterrupted period of at least one year
  • May not have been removed from any school district office within the preceding year
  • May not reside with another member of the same school board as a member of the same family
  • May not be a current employee of the school board
  • May not simultaneously hold another incompatible public office




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