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Southern Cayuga CSD Technology and Engineering

Technology in Action
By Dan Holden
The Principles of Engineering students are just wrapping up the “Baja Buggy” case study.  This is a good starter case study due to its simple yet motivational concepts.  The case study finds student groups creating a vehicle that will negotiate an obstacle course and a hill climb in separate races.  The study is a good way for the students to see and understand the process of engineering.  The groups follow a systematic approach from design to fabrication to testing to redesign and so on, culminating with a presentation justifying the ultimate outcome.
The Engineering by Design (8th grade) class recently completed their first case study!  You could say the class started off with a bang or should I say a launch.  The students learned about Newton’s laws of motion as an introduction to the rocketry case study.  Students worked independently assembling one of three types of rockets and then loading them with an official engine in anticipation of launch day.  Launch day turned into three days as we saw success after success at the launch pad.  The rockets were tracked from launch to parachute ejection, with the measurements recorded.  Each student will receive their own readings which they will then use to calculate their rocket speed and altitude.  Both Mr. Cardinale and Mr. Holden considered this study a great success and enjoyed watching the students realizing the worth of the Math/Science/Technology curriculum.  The next two case studies will be the “Southern Cup” races and the Maglev design and development case studies.
The woodworking students are completing the 3-view orthographic projection phase of the container project.  This initial project is designed to challenge basic woodworking skills while building confidence along the way.  Many of our students are learning these skills for the first time, and building a container involves many of the processes they will use to be successful with larger, more intricate projects.  With the basic study of the different kinds of woods and their applications along with the completion of the equipment test behind them, these students have a solid footing upon which to create some nice work.  We will see what the future holds…
Until next time … may the forest be with you…

Story Photograph courtesy of Em Myers

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