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Promote Instruction Inclusive Setting

Southern Cayuga is taking the next steps to build a more collaborative culture, incorporating all students, faculty, staff and administrators with the goal of better preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century.  As we enter the new academic year, we are excited to launch a new team-based approach in grades 3-6.  Each grade team will consist of math, English Language Arts (ELA), and social studies/science teachers as well as a dedicated special education teacher. Each grade level instructional team will share daily planning schedules and some instructional spaces, allowing them to plan for individualized instruction.  Through thoughtful and deliberate planning, grade level teams are better able to connect with each student and provide specific support and help based on unique student needs. 

Our ELA blocks will be co-taught by both a grade level ELA teacher and a dedicated special education teacher, allowing for more one-on-one contact between teachers and students within a small group environment.    Additionally, students will receive a daily block of reteach & enrich during which every student will receive additional support and tutoring for both ELA and math, ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.  In order to assist our educators in preparing for this more inclusive setting, the district has provided the following professional development opportunities. 
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