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February 13, 2017 Update
Southern Cayuga CSD continues to closely monitor water quality and I am pleased to report that retesting of the four water sources listed below has been completed.  All four water sources now have a lead rating below the actionable level and are available for use.    The updated testing results for these four sources are now linked to our webpage. 


 ES Locker Room-.0013 mg/L       Turned Back On
HS Drinking Fountain- <.001 mg/L Turned Back On
HS Girls’ Bathroom Sink- .086 mg/L Turned Back On
HS Nurse’s Office Sink- .012 mg/L Handwashing Sink Only/ Bottled Water will continue to be provided


The district will continue to work closely with the Cayuga County Department of Health and the New York State Education Department to ensure a quality water supply for our school community.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

October 19, 2016
As recent news articles focused on lead in drinking water, I am writing to share with you what steps the Southern Cayuga Central School District has taken to ensure the quality of the drinking water on our campus.  As a water source provider, the district works closely with the Cayuga County Health Department and conducts monthly tests for coliform; we also test for lead & copper every three years.   New state regulations require additional testing in all New York State public schools. 
The Southern Cayuga School District completed lead testing of 80 fixtures on September 27, 2016.  The testing results were received on October 18, 2016, which indicated that four fixtures out of 80 were found to have slightly elevated levels of lead.  The fixtures include three in the high school and one in an elementary locker room.  
The three high school fixtures are a sink in the nurse’s office, a sink in a girl’s bathroom, and a hallway drinking fountain.  The three affected fixtures have been shut off and the nurse’s office now has bottled water.  The action level for lead in drinking water is .015 milligrams per liter or 15 parts per billion.  As of today, the following actions have taken place:

ES Locker Room-.017 mg/L Shut Off
HS Drinking Fountain- .020 mg/L Shut Off
HS Girls’ Bathroom Sink- .015mg/L Shut Off
HS Nurse’s Office Sink- .018 mg/L  Handwashing Sink Only/ Bottled Water Provided

As part of the reporting process, our test results have been shared with the Cayuga County Health Department and the Cayuga Onondaga Office of Safety & Risk Management.  The testing results are available on our webpage, along with other reference materials. 
Until a remediation plan can be implemented, each of these fixtures will not provide drinking water.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the District Office at (315) 364-7211.

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