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Sr HS Curriculum Maps


SCCS mission statement: Southern Cayuga Central School is committed to every student's intellectual and emotional growth and to promote effective citizenship.
We will offer a diversity of curriculum and cultural experiences which meet the individual needs of our students.
We encourage self-motivation, self-esteem, and positive values through a school-wide and community effort.

Common Vocabulary Terms -- Grades 9 & 10

Common Vocabulary Terms --  Grades 11 & 12

SC Sr HS Curriculum Maps -- Updated January 2019
ELA Math Science Social Studies Spanish Health & PE Music Art Ag STEM
ELA 9 Pre-Alg Earth Sci Global 9 Spanish I Health Band Studio Art Environmental Sci Robotics
ELA 9H Algebra I Living Env Global 9H Spanish II CCC Weight Training Chorus DDP Ag Entreprenurship Gaming Design
ELA 10 Algebra 1E CFR Global 10 Spanish III PE 9/10 Jazz Band Sculpture   Principles of Eng (POE)
ELA 10H Geometry Chemistry Global 10H/
AP World Hist
Spanish IV/
CCC Span I
PE 11/12 Music Technology Photography/
Graphic Arts
  AP Computer Sci
ELA 11 GeometryE Marine Sci US Hist Spanish V/
International Cuisine   Animation Studio   Aerospace Tech
ELA 11H Algebra II Physics SUPA US Hist   Independent Living   Drawing & Painting    
ELA 12 Algebra IIE   Govt/Econ       CCC Photoshop    
SUPA 12 Personal Finance   SUPA PA/
Journalism CCC/AP Calculus   Local Hist/
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