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Mr. Luke A. Carnicelli

Assistant Principal
Ms. Cathy M. Haight



2384 Route 34B,
Aurora, NY 13026 



Mission Statement: The Mission of Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School is to create an environment that is conducive to personal and academic excellence. This will be accomplished by creating a school community that embodies the principles of being: Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Kind. 

Our 2018-19 School Motto: Be Prepared, Be Present, Be Proactive’

Welcome to Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School. We have two distinct schedules; one for grades 7/8 and 9-12. Our school day hours begin at 7:40 am and end at 2:25 pm for grades 7-12. Please see our school bell link on the left column of the page. By offering rigorous courses and strong academic initiatives such as: project-based learning activities, advisement mentoring, and technology-based instruction, we are preparing our students for college and career readiness in the future. 

Spring 2019

Dear SC Jr/Sr High School Families,                                                                                       

Dear Jr/Sr HS Families,
Happy Spring! Marking period 4 ended on 3/15/19 and report cards are available tomorrow via your child’s Schooltool account click here for access. This is a reminder, unless you specifically asked for a mailed paper copy, all report cards are transmitted electronically via your child’s Schooltool account.  You may access grades under the grades tab then print icon in the upper left corner to view the actual report card. Click here for a refresher on how to access the grades tab. You may also download the Schooltool app for android or iphone. If you need assistance to access your child’s report card, please contact Paula Schmitt in the guidance office at Also, please see the information below regarding upcoming events at the Jr/Sr HS in the next few weeks. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Best Regards,
End of the year planning
Our Finish Strong 2019 Campaign at the Jr/Sr HS begins next week. Please see the attached for another copy of our planned Finish Strong 2019 ‘kick-off’ activities for our students and staff.  Overall, we are working together to promote our school mission statement of being safe, respectful, responsible, and kind as we head into our end of year programming and assessments.
Student Scheduling
We have scheduled almost all grade 9, 10, 11 students for the 2019-20 school year. Please see the calendar of events below as we move through the next few months. As dates approach (by grade level) we will communicate further details with you.  Click here to view our 2019-20 course catalog.  
Upcoming Student Scheduling…
April 9, 2019                  Sr HS Parent Night -- Graduation requirements for 8th grade students/families, 6:00pm in Aud.
April 9 & 10, 2019          Present to 8th grade English classes: Sr HS scheduling info, Naviance review, and Graduation requirements.
April 11, 2019                Scheduling begins with all 7th & 8th grade students & families.
Spring Sports Season
The spring sports season is underway. The remainder of modified sports begin on Monday, 4/1.  Click here for our spring sports schedules.

  • Jr/Sr HS Athletics Secretary: After the better part of the school year, Jenna Hoellerer (Lawrence) is leaving SCCS. Her last day is March 22, 2019. We thank her for the wonderful efforts to assist our students, staff, and community. In her place I am pleased to announce the anticipated return of our Senior typist, Joanne Cartner.  She will start in the next few weeks. For now, we will have a sub greeting students and families in the main office.
  • Play Presentation to Grade 9 & 10 students on Tues, April 2. Little Bits of Light: AN ADAPTATION OF I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY. Sponsored by the SC Anne Frank Tree Committee.
    • In this unique adaptation of I Never Saw Another Butterfly, playwright Amanda Faye Martin intertwines poems and artwork from children at the concentration camp Terezin with major historical events and her own family’s history. Despite the harsh reality inside the camp, Pepicek and Werner must find moments of unity, a sense of identity, and little bits of light.

Jr/Sr HS March/April Calendar
March 26 –      Marc Mero presentation (grades 9-12)
March 27 –      SAT at SC Jr/Sr HS (8:00am start) 
March 28 –      Brooks Gibbs presentation (grades 7/8)
April 1 --           Modified Baseball & Softball begin
April 2 & 3 --   NYS ELA Assessments, 8:00am
April 2 --           Little Bits of Light Play (grades 9 & 10)
April 4 --           Jr & Sr HS NHS Inductions, 6:00pm (Moved from 3/26)
April 15-22 –   Spring Recess   

Best regards,

Luke A. Carnicelli, Principal                          
Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School  

School Entrance
Please review the district safety document outlining our safety procedures and new school entrance protocol. Before entering the Jr/Sr HS you will need to scan your ID for a visitor's badge.

2018-19 Report Cards
This year as a school and staff we are focusing on specific school-wide educational initiatives & Professional Development (Click Here) to improve our overall state assessment & Regents exam scores as well as increase our computer technology innovation and maintain overall student safety. As we continue to improve teaching and learning for our students, we look to provide as much information as possible to our families regarding their child’s progress in class via the student report card. Student report cards in grades 7-12 are generated every 6 weeks and marking period dates can be located on page 6 of the student handbook or on the district calendar.
We will continue a skill-based report in each content area. The first page of the report card will look as it has in the past with grades, comment(s), GPA, etc… The second page will include a report on specific content area skills based on a 1-4 scale and N/A (if the skill is not applicable). All areas except for PE will report each marking period. This overall new report card was engineered with the help of your child’s teachers and I hope it will be a positive step in communicating skill expectations and a more in-depth view of your child’s overall achievement in their courses.  
By creating the skill sets in our content areas, students and families will better understand overall common expectations in math, science, social studies, ELA, etc… In addition, teachers in our content area are working to incorporate a common instructional language and vocabulary via the skill sets to best assist our student toward success and graduation. The report will serve as an additional reference beyond the standard report card to give you; our most valuable partners in student success, additional insight on course expectations and your child’s progress in the class.
Lastly, with the addition of the Schooltool parent/family portal we will not mail home report cards for the remainder of the year as this information is available via website and app under the grades tab. Access to
Schooltool and the family guide to Schooltool can be found on the SCCS district homepage. Should you wish to receive a mailed report card, please contact guidance office secretary, Mrs. Schmitt via 315-364-7111 x2114 or 

Please see school updates via our school’s Twitter account Please follow us to receive updates.

As always, if there is anything I can answer or assist with, please do not hesitate to call or email me at 364.7111 x2103 or I look forward to working with you and your child this school year.

SC Jr/Sr HS Community Advisory Council (CAC)
Background: A large part of our success at SC Jr/Sr HS is tied directly to home-school communication and parental support of our school mission and initiatives. The CAC is designed to advise the Principal with strategies that the school staff can assist with the home-school connection.
Charge: To support academics at home, To make suggestions for the best ways to communicate with parents, To discuss academic initiatives.
Meetings:  The meetings are scheduled for the following dates in 2018-19: TBA

All meetings will be held in the guidance office from 5:00-6:00p.m. Agendas for each meeting are sent via email. Please email if you would like further information.

SCCS Jr/Sr HS Student Scheduling Calendar for the 2019-20 School Year
April 9-10, 2019 Present to 8th grade English classes: Scheduling info, Naviance review, and Graduation requirements.
April 9, 2019 Sr HS Parent Night -- Graduation requirements for 8th grade parents, 6:00pm in Aud.
April 11, 2019 Scheduling begins with all 7th & 8th grade students & parents/guardians.
May 8, 2019 Tentative Jr HS Orientation for 6th grade students & parents/guardians, 6:00pm in Aud.
May 3, 2019 All enriched and honors course recommendations lists to guidance and mailed to parents/guardians.
May 9, 2019 Scheduling begins with all 6th grade students & parents
May 15-19, 2019 Review Special Ed programs and any changes in programming for the upcoming year. List of all CSE and 504 students and updated scheduling needs to guidance.
May 15-19, 2019 Meet with support teachers to discuss Re-Teach/RTI process/scheduling for 2019-20 school year.
May 20, 2019 Guidance/Principal review projected numbers & teacher assignments. Tentative decisions made about teaching duties and assignments.
May 20-21, 2019 Jr HS Transition Activities for 6th grade students
June 17, 2019 Tentative Master Schedule completed and given to teachers,
Tentative 2019-20 student schedules mailed home
August 2019 Duties assigned and homeroom lists completed
August 2019 Master schedule updated, printed, and emailed
August 2019 Schooltool open for teachers to view courses teaching and class rosters
August 2019 Schedules updated based on summer school results
August 2019 Updated student schedules printed and mailed to grade 7-12 families
August 2019 Student schedule change requests

Updated 3/22/19

Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School does not restrict students on the basis of race/ethnicity, religion, physical handicap subject to medical eligibility, or gender.   

2018-19 Information

2018-19 Chromebook Procedures
2019-20 Program of Studies
2019 Mid-Year Exams
After Prom Party Fundraiser
Dinner and Game 2019
Jr/Sr HS PD Plan
SCCS School Safety Guide
Schooltool Family Login Guide
Jr/Sr HS Staff 2018-19
Tier 2 Vocab List gr 7/8
Tier 2 Vocab List gr 11/12
Tier 2 Vocab List gr 9/10
2018-19 School Calendar
Jr HS Program
SC Program of Studies
SC Jr/Sr HS Handbook
Marking Period & NYS Testing Dates
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