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Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School 
Guidance Office

2384 Route 34B -- Aurora, NY 13026 
Phone: 315.364.7111 x2114 -- Fax: 315.364.8207

Ms. Kali Supples, Sr HS Counselor/College Planning
Mr. Nate VanHall, Jr HS Counselor
Ms. Paula Schmitt, Guidance/Attendance Secretary

Mission Statement: The Mission of Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School is to create an environment that is conducive to personal and academic excellence. This will be accomplished by creating a school community that embodies the principles of being:  Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Kind. 

Welcome to Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School Guidance Website.
Below is a sample schedule for our students in Jr & Sr HS.

Please see the information on the right-hand colum for college and careeer planning


Sr HS (Grades 9-12)

Regents Diploma: Total Credits needed for graduation: 26

9th Grade                   10th Grade                            11th Grade                            12th Grade
English 9                   English 10                             English 11*                           English 12
Global Studies 9        Global Studies 10*                 US History & Gov’t*               Government
Algebra 1*                 Geometry                              Alg2/Trig or 3rd Math            Economics
Earth Science             Living Environment*              3rd Science                             Elective
Language 2               Health/SH                              Elective                                  Elective
Art/Music/Tech         Language 3                           Elective                                  Elective
Elective                      Elective                                 Elective                                 
PE 9/Lab                    PE 10/Lab                             PE 11                                    
PE 12   

Total Credits: 7.5      Total Credits: 7.5                 Total Credits: 7.5                   Total Credits: 6.5

Note:      * Indicates Regents exam that must be passed with a 65 or higher

* IEP students may receive a 45, 55 or 65 or higher on select Regents exams

For Foreign Language:  Students who wish to substitute a 5-unit sequence in Ag or Fine Arts in place of the 3 years of Language must check with their counselor to ensure the graduation requirements will be met for the Advanced Regents Diploma.

Jr HS (Grades 7 & 8)

7th Grade                                                                     8th Grade                               

Advisement                                                                 Advisement
*English 7                                                                   *English 8       
*Social Studies 7                                                         *Social Studies

*Math 7                                                                       *Math 8 or *Math 8E
*Science 7                                                                   *Science 8                 
Lunch                                                                          Lunch

*AgriMath (project based)                                           *Spanish 1      
Band and/or Chorus/SH                                               Studio Art/Art8/PE
Health/PE                                                                     Music/Band and/or Chorus/SH
*ELArt (project based)                                                 *Tech 8/STEM (project based)

*Blocked Course (82 minutes every other day)

Our 7th and 8th Grade Schedule

Jr high school students will follow a modified block schedule. Each day, students will begin with an advisement period from 7:40-8:00am. Our block schedule will contain many courses held for 82 minute periods. The blocked courses in the schedule are denoted with an asterisk. As an example within the schedule, students will have 2 core courses (ELA & Social Studies) on A/C days and the other 2 core courses (Math & Science) on B/D days. Also, included in the schedule are project based courses that are blocked every other day and are team taught with 2 teachers. Courses such as Health, Art, PE, Band, Chorus, and Music are single periods (41 minute periods) taught every other day.

College & Career Info

2018-19 SAT & ACT Dates
College Planning -- Junior Year
Schooltool Info
Naviance Info
College Fair Questions
College Admissions Process
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Patrick Jensen, Superintendent
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