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Southern Cayuga Athletics

SCCS Athletics Mission Statement: 
SCCS student-athletes are committed to strong academic growth, good sportsmanship,
and team excellence.This is achieved by building strong community ties, supporting
our younger student-athletes, camaraderie and mutual respect to teammates
and opponents.

Ms. Caitlin Wasielewski, 
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

2022 Sports Season Schedule

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May 26, 2023

Hello Softball Families,

Congratulations to the girls for making it to the sectional finals! The game will be Saturday, May 27 at Holding Point in Horseheads at 2:00 pm. Since this is a sectional final game hosted by Section IV, digital tickets are required. Please use this link to purchase digital tickets ahead of the game. You will bring the tickets up on your phone when you arrive at the field. Please do not press "Use Tickets" until you are instructed to do so by a ticket taker. You will notice the link is for all softball sectional finals, it is not specific to the Southern Cayuga game. This is correct, there will only be one ticket which will give you access to any softball final game. Please share this link with any friends or family who may be interested in attending.

Go Chiefs,
Caitlin Wasielewski 

Hello Track Families,

We were fortunate again this year to witness our track and field students' hard work paying off, and some will be competing in state qualifiers! We are very proud of them. Digital tickets will be required for this event. Please use the following links to purchase tickets if you would like to attend and watch our athletes compete:

Day 1 - Wednesday, 5/31
Day 2 - Thursday, 6/1

You will bring up the tickets on the day of the event. Please do not press "Use Tickets" until you are instructed to do so by someone at the gate. Good luck to everyone competing!

Go Chiefs,
Caitlin Wasielewski 


February 27, 2023
We are excited our basketball teams will be competing at SUNY Delhi this week! We are extremely proud of the hard work students put in to get to this point. The section is again requiring digital tickets for entry to the SUNY Delhi gymnasium. For semi-finals, there is one link for boys games, and one link for girls games. This means both boys games on February 28 use the same tickets, and both girls games on March 1 use the same tickets. Please use the below links to purchase tickets ahead of time. The cost for these tickets is $7.30 per person. You will again pull the tickets up on your phone when you arrive. 

Ticket Purchase Links...
Boys v. Morris - February 28 at 6:00 pm

Girls v. Oxford - March 1 at 6:00 pm

Go Chiefs,
Caitlin Wasielewski


February 22, 2023

Hello Families,


Due to this, the Girls game vs. Morris at SCCS will now take place on Thurs, Feb 23 at 6:00pm
Same ticket process applies... Tickets here

All tickets previously purchased will still be valid. The ticket link to purchase tickets will remain the same. The ticket links will remain on the website until the conclusion of the game.
The boys basketball team will take on Margaretville on Friday, February 24 at 6:00pm at Southern Cayuga for their next sectional game. The section again will require digital tickets. The cost is $6.25 and tickets can be purchased via the following link. The process will be the same as the previous game. When you arrive, simply pull up your digital tickets and our ticket takers will check the tickets. 

Be Safe and Go Chiefs,
Caitlin Wasielewski


February 17, 2023

Hello Families,
Southern Cayuga will be hosting the first round of sectionals for both our boys and girls basketball team!
  • The boys will play Gilboa-Conesville on Tuesday, February 21 at 6:00 pm.
  • The girls will play Morris on Wednesday, February 22 at 6:00 pm.
The section requires digital tickets for all sectional games. This is a sectional level decision, and Southern Cayuga must comply with ticket sales and prices. The ticket cost is $6.25 per person. You can purchase digital tickets ahead of time using GoFan if you are interested in attending the game. We highly recommend you purchase the tickets ahead of time, as cell phone reception in the school could make purchasing tickets here difficult.

Here are the links for purchasing tickets:
Boys v. Gilboa-Conesville:
Girls v. Morris:

When you arrive, simply bring up the tickets on your mobile device. The ticket takers will press the "use tickets" button, please do not press this yourself ahead of time.

We are looking forward to cheering on our teams!

Go Chiefs,
Caitlin Wasielewski


February 13, 2023

Hello Families,

This week and weekend will be swim sectionals. We are excited to see our swimmers compete after the outstanding finishes we had at IAC's!
Digital tickets are required for entry for both prelims and sectionals. If you are planning to attend either Wednesday or Saturday, please use the following links to purchase tickets ahead of time. There are separate tickets needed for each day.
Prelims - Wednesday
Finals - Saturday
If you are not able to attend, but would like to watch, you can use this link to stream the competition via NFHS. 

Go Chiefs,
Caitlin Wasielewski 


February 7, 2023
Congratuations to Brandon Vanacore! He is the 3rd SCCS student to record 1000pts playing Varsity Basketball. We are proud of you!

February 3, 2023

Hello Families,
We are excited for our swim team to compete at IAC Championships on February 11! Our swimmers made so many improvements this year, and are looking good for the end of season contests! IAC Championship competition requires spectators to purchase digital tickets ahead of time in order to enter the facility. Please use this link to purchase digital tickets from GoFan, which you will use the day of the game. There will not be cash sales or tickets at the door. This is only for IAC Championships, this is not for the regular season meet at Watkins Glen on January 27. 
Please be aware, the ticket takers will select the "Use Ticket" button when you get up to the gate. Please do not click this yourself while standing in line. 

Thank you,

December 20, 2022

Hello Families,
I am sending along information regarding the 2022 Cayuga County Holiday Tournament. We are excited to be back at CCC this year! All games will be played in their gymnasium. Tickets will be $5 per day. If you would like to attend multiple games in one day, you only need to purchase one ticket for the day. 
The times for Tuesday are set and available on Schedule Galaxy. The times for Wednesday are dependent upon a win or loss on Tuesday, as this determines whether we go to the championship or consolation game for each team.
We look forward to seeing our students play and are excited to see how well they do this year!

Have a great day,
Caitlin Wasielewski 

November 30, 2022

Hello Families,

This year we will again stream home JV and Varsity basketball games via the NFHS network. If you or someone you know is interested in streaming the basketball games, please use the following instructions:
  1. Go to NFHS network. Create an account, if you don't already have one. 

  2. Search “Southern Cayuga”

  3. Select the game

We hope you enjoy the basketball season!

Also, a note to our soccer families... 

We are extremely proud of how well our boys did this season, and all the hard work and effort they put in. In order to recognize them for their amazing accomplishments, we are going to have a recognition ceremony prior to our varsity basketball game on Friday, December 9. We anticipate the ceremony will begin at approximately 6:45 pm in the high school gymnasium, though the time could be altered slightly by the length of the JV game prior to the ceremony. At this ceremony we will recognize the athletes and unveil a banner we will hang permanently in the gymnasium to honor their amazing run to states!

We hope to see all our soccer players and their families there. 

Thank you,
Caitlin Wasielewski 


November 9, 2022

Hello Families,

We are excited for the start of the winter athletic season. Just as a reminder, your student needs a current physical on file, defined as a physical given within one year of the first day of practice, and the following forms on file to participate. Many of you turned in these forms already, and we thank you for this. JV and Varsity winter sports begin on Monday, November 14. If you did not fill out the paperwork yet, please do so by Friday at 5:00 pm in order to ensure your child will be able to practice the first day.

English Spanish

Schedules are available on our schedule manager, Aktivate Scheduling. We encourage you to stay up to date with schedules via this website. Games often change in the winter due to school events and weather. All changes to schedules will be made on Aktivate Scheduling. If your child is planning to participate in ski club, please be aware games can be rescheduled to Wednesday, especially if weather is a factor in moving games. While we try our best to minimize conflicts, there may be some occasional unavoidable conflicts. 

Thank you,
Caitlin Wasielewski 
Hola familias,

Estamos emocionados por el comienzo de la temporada atlética de invierno. Solo como recordatorio, su estudiante necesita un examen físico actual en el archivo, definido como un examen físico dado dentro de un año del primer día de práctica, y los siguientes formularios en el archivo para participar. Muchos de ustedes ya entregaron estos formularios y les agradecemos por hacerlo.

English Espanol
Los horarios están disponibles en nuestro administrador de horarios, Aktivate Scheduling. Le recomendamos que se mantenga actualizado con los horarios a través de este sitio web. Los juegos a menudo cambian en el invierno debido a los eventos escolares y al clima. Todos los cambios en los horarios se realizarán en Aktivate Scheduling. Si su hijo planea participar en el club de esquí, tenga en cuenta que los juegos se pueden reprogramar para el miércoles, especialmente si el clima es un factor en los juegos en movimiento. Si bien hacemos todo lo posible para minimizar los conflictos, puede haber algunos conflictos inevitables ocasionales.

Caitlin Wasielewski 
Caitlin Wasielewski
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School 


November 6, 2022

Hello Families,

We are so excited our boys varsity soccer team made it to the semi-final round! Digital tickets need to be purchased through Go Fan again. Please use this link to purchase tickets. Please note there is one ticket for semi-finals, and it is valid for all semi-final games at all locations. You will not see a ticket specific for our game. A separate ticket will need to be purchased for finals. Both the semi-finals and finals tickets are located at the bottom of the page using the link above. 

Thank you,


November 2, 2022

Our boys soccer team qualified for Regionals! We are excited to watch them play on Saturday, November 5 at 12:00 pm at Fayetteville-Manlius High School! 
Please use this link if you would like to purchase tickets to attend. 
Everyone must purchase a digital ticket to enter. Advance sale tickets are $9.00, or $35.00 for a family 4 pack. Tickets purchased digitally the day of will be $10.00. We highly recommend you purchase tickets ahead of time to save $1.00. 
We hope to see you there!

Hello Families,
This year cross country sectionals will require the use of a digital ticket to park at sectionals. The ticket price will be $10.00 plus a $1.50 fee, for a total of $11.50. Tickets are purchased digitally ahead of time, then redeemed the day of. Please see the link below to purchase tickets.

Cross Country GoFan link to purchase parking tickets 

We are excited to see how our runners do this weekend!
This year swim sectionals will require the purchase of digital tickets for entrance. The tickets are purchased ahead of time and redeemed on your phone upon entry. There will not be any cash sales at the door. The tickets are purchased through Go Fan, which is the same site used for IAC's. Please see the links below to purchase tickets.

Girls Swimming Prelims @ Watkins Glen GoFan link to purchase tickets 
Girls Swimming Finals @ Watkins Glen GoFan link to purchase tickets

We are excited to see what our girls accomplish this upcoming week!

Thank you,


October 27, 2022

Hello Families,

We are excited our boys soccer team will play in the finals for the Section IV Class D Championship on Saturday! They will take on South Kortright/Andes at 12:30 at the Wright National Soccer Center, field 2. Tickets will be required again. Here is the link to purchase the tickets. The cost is $6 plus a $1.30 surcharge, for a total of $7.30. 

Go Chiefs!
Caitlin Wasielewski


October 24, 2022

Hello Families,

We are excited for our boys soccer team to continue competing Wednesday! They had a great game on Saturday, and we are hoping for repeated success on Wednesday! The semi-final game requires tickets for entry to the game. Please use this link to purchase tickets prior to the game. The process is the same as IAC Championships. The ticket cost is $6.00 with a $1.30 fee, for a total of $7.30. Children under 10 are free.

Thank you,


October 21, 2022

Hello Families,

I am contacting you because your child indicated interest in playing a winter sport this year. We are very excited to have your student take part in the athletics program at SCCS and cannot wait to see all they will accomplish this winter!

Winter sports will begin on the following dates:

Monday, October 24: Boys Modified Basketball and Girls 8th Grade Volleyball
Monday, October 31: Modified Fitness Club
Monday, November 14: JV/Varsity Sports
Tuesday, January 3: Girls Modified Basketball and Boys Modified Swim

Coaches will reach out shortly with practice times. Modified sports will practice after school, so modified parents will not need to arrange for their child to go home and come back at a later time. Modified students can stay at school until their practice begins. 

Students will need a current physical, defined as a physical given within one year in order to participate. Students will also need the following forms filled out. Please DO NOT fill out these forms yet for your child if they intend to participate in girls modified basketball or boys modified swim. We are too far outside of the allotted time window to complete the forms. I will send another email to families who have a student interested in those sports when the paperwork can be filled out. Paperwork can be filled out for all other winter sports.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Caitlin Wasielewski
Hola familias,

Me comunico con usted porque su hijo indicó interés en practicar un deporte de invierno este año. ¡Estamos muy emocionados de que su estudiante participe en el programa de atletismo en SCCS y estamos ansiosos por ver todo lo que lograrán este invierno!
Los deportes de invierno comenzarán en las siguientes fechas:

Lunes 24 de octubre: Baloncesto modificado masculino y voleibol femenino de octavo grado
Lunes 31 de octubre: Gimnasio modificado
Lunes 14 de noviembre: JV/Varsity Sports
Martes 3 de enero: Baloncesto modificado femenino y natación modificada masculina

Los entrenadores se comunicarán en breve con los horarios de práctica. Los deportes modificados se practicarán después de la escuela, por lo que los padres modificados no necesitarán hacer arreglos para que su hijo se vaya a casa y regrese más tarde. Los estudiantes modificados pueden permanecer en la escuela hasta que comience su práctica.

Los estudiantes necesitarán un examen físico actual, definido como un examen físico dado dentro de un año para poder participar. Los estudiantes también necesitarán completar los siguientes formularios. NO llene estos formularios todavía para su hijo si tiene la intención de participar en baloncesto modificado para niñas o natación modificada para niños. Estamos demasiado lejos de la ventana de tiempo asignada para completar los formularios. Enviaré otro correo electrónico a las familias que tienen un estudiante interesado en esos deportes cuando se pueda completar el papeleo. El papeleo se puede completar para todos los demás deportes de invierno.

English Espanol Por favor hazme saber si tienes preguntas.

Caitlin Wasielewski 


October 13, 2022

This year the IAC will use digital ticketing via GoFan for entrance into IAC Championships. All spectators, including students, who are interested in attending the Championships must purchase a digital ticket prior to the event. Tickets will be checked on your mobile device prior to entering the event. There will not be any cash sales or tickets sold at the door. 

Here are the ticket purchase links:

Swim Ticket Sales -- Meet @Watkins on 10/22/22

Boys Soccer Ticket Sales -- SC v. Tburg @TC3 at Noon on 10/15/22

How to Purchase Tickets Guide


August 3, 2022

Hello Families,
I hope you are enjoying summer and resting up for the school year ahead! It is time to begin thinking about fall sports!
We will have a parent/athlete information meeting on Wednesday, August 10 at 6:00 pm in the auditorium. We will go over some general information, as well as give coaches time with their athletes to go over schedules and expectations. 
Before your child can practice, we will need a current physical, defined as a physical given within one year, as well as the following 4 forms filled out. All forms are available in English and Spanish, you only need to fill out one version. 

English Spanish
All our game schedules are posted on Schedule Galaxy, our schedule manager. There are a few games or invitationals that will be posted in the next couple of weeks, but this will give you an idea of games and meets.
Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time. I look forward to another year of growth and excellence for Southern Cayuga athletics. 

Go Chiefs,
Caitlin Wasielewski

Hola Familias,

¡Espero que estés disfrutando el verano y descansando para el próximo año escolar! ¡Es hora de empezar a pensar en los deportes de otoño! 
Tendremos una reunión de información para padres/atletas el miércoles 10 de agosto a las 6:00 pm en el auditorio. Repasaremos información general y les daremos tiempo a los entrenadores con sus atletas para repasar los horarios y las expectativas. Antes de que su hijo pueda practicar, necesitaremos un examen físico actual, definido como un examen físico dado dentro de un año, así como los siguientes 4 formularios completados. Todos los formularios están disponibles en inglés y español, solo necesita completar una versión.

English Espanol Todos nuestros horarios de juegos se publican en Schedule Galaxy, nuestro administrador de horarios. Hay algunos juegos o invitaciones que se publicarán en las próximas semanas, pero esto le dará una idea de los juegos y encuentros.
Por favor, no dude en comunicarse en cualquier momento. Espero otro año de crecimiento y excelencia para el atletismo de Southern Cayuga.

Vaya jefes,

Caitlin Wasielewski 


June 24, 2022

Hello Families,

Our students are currently working hard during the final push of the school year and are certainly finishing strong!
You are receiving this email because you have a student who indicated interest in playing a fall sport. There will be a pre-season meeting on Wednesday, August 10 at 6:00pm in the high school auditorium. At this meeting general information about the fall season will be shared. Sport coaches will also be there to share specific details about team expectations, practice schedules, and game schedules. 
  • Varsity fall sports will begin practicing on Monday, August 22.
  • Modified soccer and cross country will begin practicing on Wednesday, August 24, and modified swim will begin practicing on Monday, August 29.
Game schedules will be provided on our schedule manager, Schedule Galaxy. Please be aware schedules are being added now, but will likely change over the next couple months as they are finalized. 

Before your child can participate this fall, we will need a few items. The first is a current physical, which is defined as a physical completed within the past year. Many students' physicals will expire over the summer, so this is a great time to schedule one. If your student-athlete needs an updated physical, they can obtain one from their own doctor, or schedule one at Southern Cayuga high school on August 11 or August 16. If your child receives an updated physical, please either have your doctor fax it to the high school, or email it to our school nurse, Anne Reynolds at

We look forward to a strong year of athletics, and seeing our athletes competing next year!

In Partnership,
Caitlin Wasielewski
SCCS Offered Sports
Cross country (boys) – varsity, modified
Cross country (girls) – varsity, modified
Soccer (boys) - varsity, modified
Soccer (girls) - varsity, modified
Swimming (girls) - varsity, modified
Volleyball (girls) - varsity
Basketball (boys) – varsity, junior varsity, *modified
Basketball (girls) – varsity, junior varsity, **modified
Indoor track (boys) – varsity
Indoor track (girls) – varsity
Swimming (boys) – varsity, **modified
Volleyball (girls) - *modified -- 8th grade
*Winter session 1, ** winter session 2
Baseball – varsity, modified
Golf – varsity
Softball – varsity, modified
Tennis – varsity
Track and Field (boys) – varsity, modified
Track and Field (girls) – varsity, modified


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