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**For the 2023-24 school year there will be two different pickup or drop off locations allowed throughout the year – one for home and one for babysitter/daycare/alternate locations throughout the year.  However, this must be on a set, pre-determined schedule, to be sure that the bus routes have been planned accordingly.  Please fill out the transportation request form and submit it to the transportation department.

Are you interested in becoming a school bus driver, but do not have your Commercial Driver's License (CDL)?  Southern Cayuga provides paid training.  Once you obtain your CDL license and are licensed to drive school bus, we have competitive paying positions available that include benefits.  Please contact the Transportation Department today for more information!

Please click the link below to view resources for CDL drivers.

Southern Cayuga CSD Transportation Department

Transportation Department
Phone: (315) 364-8652
Fax: (315) 364-7863 Attn: Transportation Department

David Barnes
Transportation Supervisor

Matthew Krebs
Head Bus Driver

Paul Radcliffe
Head Mechanic

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Patrick Jensen, Superintendent
2384 State Route 34B
Aurora, NY 13026