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SC Jr/Sr HS -- Guidance Office
2384 Route 34B -- Aurora, NY 13026 
Phone: 315.364.7111 x2114 -- Fax: 315.364.8207

Welcome to the Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School Guidance Website

Mrs. Lisa Carnicelli, Sr HS Counselor/College & Career Planning
Mr. Nate VanHall, Jr HS Counselor & DASA Coordinator
Ms. Molly Thurston-Chase, Guidance Office Secretary

Ms. Jayda Calhoun, NYS LMHC


SCCS Guidance Plan (Updated Aug 2020) 

Community Student Support Services


2022-23 Program of Studies/Course Offerings Guide (click here) 

2022-23 Student Scheduling Sheets (click the grade below):

2022-23 Sr HS Elective Courses
ELA Math Science/
Social Studies Spanish Health & PE Music/
Performing Arts
Art Ag
TC3 Online Media
COMM 100
Personal Finance I Marine Science SUPA Pyschology 
PSY 205
Spanish II Health
Band Studio Art Plant Science
I & II
  Spanish III
CCC Span 101
Weight Training 
CCC PE 144
Music Theory I/II TC3 Ceramics
ART 131
Pre-Vet Science
  Intro to Statistics Emerging Technologies   Spanish IV
CCC Span 
  Theater Skills Sculpture 
I & II
Ag Business & Marketing
SUNY Cobleskill AGBU 101
TC3 Intro to Astronomy
AST 101
  Spanish V
CCC Span 
  Chrous Photography/
Graphic Arts
Food Science & Systems
SUNY Cobleskill AGBU 160
    CCC Chemistry         Animation Studio  
              Drawing & Painting  

Sample Schedule Sr HS (Grades 9-12)

Total Credits needed for graduation: 26

9thGrade                   10thGrade                            11thGrade                            12thGrade
English 9                   English 10                             English 11*                           English 12
Global Studies 9        Global Studies 10*                 US History & Gov’t*               Government
Algebra 1* or
Pre Algebra             
Algebra 1* or Geometry*         Algebra 2* or 3rd Math            Economics
Earth Science             Living Environment*              Chemistry* or 3rd Science                             Physics* or Elective
Spanish 2 or Elective               Health/SH                              Elective                                  Elective
Art/Music/Tech         Spanish 3 or Elective   Elective                                  Elective
Elective                      Elective                      Elective                      Elective                     
PE 9/Lab                   PE 10/Lab                             PE 11                                     PE 12  
Total Credits: 7.5      Total Credits: 7.5      Total Credits: 7.5      Total Credits: 6.5

* Indicates Regents exam that must be passed with a 65 or higher
* IEP students may receive a 55+ on Regents exams for a local diploma

Sample Schedule Jr HS (Grades 7 & 8)

7th Grade                                                 8th Grade                               
Advisory Advisory
*English 7                                                       *English 8       
*Social Studies 7                                     *Social Studies 8
*Math 7 or 7E                                                *Math 8 or *Math 8E
*Science 7                                                  *Science 8                 
Lunch                               Lunch                                                    
*Explorations 7
*Spanish 1      
Band and/or Chorus/SH  
Health 7/PE                                            
Band and/or Chorus/PE                               
Studio Art
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Patrick Jensen, Superintendent
2384 State Route 34B
Aurora, NY 13026