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SCCS mission statement: Southern Cayuga Central School is committed to every student's intellectual and emotional growth and to promote effective citizenship.
We will offer a diversity of curriculum and cultural experiences which meet the individual needs of our students.
We encourage self-motivation, self-esteem, and positive values through a school-wide and community effort.
Grade 6-12 Curriculum Maps -- 2023-24

Grades 6, 7, 8 

Common Vocabulary Terms Grades 7 & 8
ELA Math Science Social Studies Spanish PE Fine Arts STEM/Ag
ELA 6 Math 6 Sci 6 Soc St 6 Spanish 6   Art 6 STEM 6
ELA 7 Math 6E Sci 7 Soc St 7 Spanish 7 Phys Ed 7/8 Art 7 Intro to AgSci 7
ELA 8 Math 7  Sci 8 Soc St 8 HS Spanish 1
Grade 8
  HS Studio Art
Grade 8
HS Plant &
Animal Sci
Grade 8 
Math 7E         Chorus STEM 7
Jr HS Study Skills/
Seminar 7
Math 8E         Band STEM 8
  Math 8            

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Common Vocabulary Terms -- Grades 9 & 10

Common Vocabulary Terms --  Grades 11 & 12

ELA Math Science Social Studies Spanish/ENL Health & PE Fine Arts STEM/Ag
ELA 9 Pre-Algebra Earth Sci Global Hist 9 ENL Health Studio Art Pre-Vet Science
ELA 9H Algebra I Living Env Global Hist 9H Spanish II  CCC PE 144 Drawing & Painting SUNY Cobleskill Food Science CAHT 104
ELA 10 Algebra IE Chemistry Global Hist 10 Spanish III
CCC Span 101
Phys Ed
Sculpture SUNY Cobleskill AgriBusiness
AGBU 100
ELA 10H Geometry Natural Distasters
Global Hist 10H
Spanish IV
CCC Span 102
Phys Ed
Graphic Arts
ELA 11 GeometryE Marine Science US History Spanish V
CCC Span 201
  Animation Studio Emerging Tech
ELA 11H Algebra II CCC Forensics
CHEM 108
SUPA US History
HIST 101 & 102
    CCC Photoshop
Art 252
ELA 12 Personal Finance Physics Gov't/
Online Media
TC3 COMM 100
AP Calculus   Gov'tH/
SUPA Economics
 ECN 203
SUPA English
WRT 105
Intro to Statistics   Local History     Intro to Theater  
Senior Seminar           Media Arts  

Updated 11/6/23
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