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Southern Cayuga Central Schools Cafeteria Information

Jenice Jones
Cook Manager

Richard Gunther

Did you know that every lunch meal we offer includes your choice of a fruit, a vegetable or the option to select both?  Every grade level is encouraged to take at least a half cup of a fruit or vegetable every day at lunch due to the practice of “Offer versus Serve.”
Current guidelines require that we offer a fruit or vegetable and research supports the consumption of these nutrition packed options that are colorful as well as full of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  The option of “Offer vs Serve” is available to schools to encourage student choices while reducing waste.  How does this concept work?  When a student comes through the lunch line, they have the option to accept the entire meal as offered on the menu (with the required portion) or to choose only a half cup of a fruit or a vegetable along with their meal.
We offer various lunch menus that contain at least five components:  meat or meat alternate, grain, vegetable, fruit and milk.  We encourage the selection of at least three of the components, with one of them being at least a half cup of a fruit or vegetable, even though we offer up to a full cup depending on the grade level and type of vegetable on the menu.  From this sample menu a student may choose to take the chicken patty on a bun and a half cup of pears or all of the items offered or other variations.
Emily Howland Elementary Cafeteria Menus
Breakfast Menu Lunch Menu

Jr/Sr High Cafeteria Menus
Breakfast Menu Lunch Menu
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