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Capital Improvement Project

2014-15 Proposed Capital Project

The Southern Cayuga Central Schools Board of Education proposes a $3,000,000 capital project which would focus on our deteriorating elementary school parking lot, gaining energy performance efficiencies, track resurfacing and dredging our retention pond.  As these costs are prohibitive within our general budget, the alternative is to pursue a capital project which is eligible for a state building aid reimbursement of approximately 81.2 percent. 

Underlying drainage issues, winter plowing and the use of salt have severely impacted the elementary parking lot surface.  The project will require replacement of the current drainage system under the parking lot and dredging the retention pond to maximize drainage.  The capital project proposal also includes resurfacing the track to prevent damage that may require full replacement in future years.  The cost of a full replacement is significantly higher than resurfacing, which was recommended to be completed a couple of years ago. 

Last year, the SCCS BOE approved an energy performance study to be completed through NYSERDA.  This study analyzes energy usage throughout the district with the intention of reducing energy costs.  The initial recommendation is to upgrade our lighting fixtures which will result in higher quality lighting as well as significant cost savings.  The proposal also includes the installation of a12kW solar array which would be eligible for NYSERDA grants, helping to defray installation costs. 

As noted, the proposed capital project is eligible for state building aid of approximately 81.2 percent, so four fifths of the total cost of the project would be covered by the state building aid ratio.  Due to the retirement of a current bond, we are able to maintain neutral debt service.  This will result in no increase in our local share of debt service, maintaining our current level of expense which is already included in our budget.

The current proposal does not include renovations to the Planetarium building.  The estimated cost of those repairs is prohibitive at this time as it would include roof replacement, masonry restoration and upgrades to the electrical and heating systems. 

Additional information can be found on our website.  

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