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Thank you SCCS Community Voters! 
On January 15, 2019, SCCS community voters passed a $1.5 million capital project to construct a 749.4kW solar array on our campus by a 180-52 margin.  Southern Cayuga CSD will team up with Renovus Solar to construct a three-acre solar array which will meet 45% of the district’s annual electrical need and save the district over $30,000 per year. Click here for the Auburn Citizen article on the vote. 
More than 80% of the project cost will be paid through the NYSERDA grant of $337,669 and $877,083 from New York State building aid.  The remaining 20% of project costs will be paid using the credits from NYSEG for energy produced on our campus.  Therefore, the project will not increase our local debt share or the tax levy. Instead, the financial benefit to the district is significant, providing annual savings of over $30,000 for the next 15 years, increasing to over $54,000 per year beginning in year 16.  The solar panels are guaranteed from the manufacturer for 25 years, and over that time the cumulative savings for the district will be over $1million.
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